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Middle-aged Engineer: Thanks for the report!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Today's donor is a middle-aged engineer who studied in China and joined a technology company after graduation. She has been using a Toyota Sienna for more than 10 years, and it has been her companion and good friend for going to work, shopping, restaurants, the beach, watching the waves, and climbing high mountains to see the sunrise. Her coworkers and friends looked at her with envy and praised her with beautiful words. She also used her own energy to look after it, care for it, love it, cleaning and scrubbing it. She kept it young and beautiful forever, fearing that others would touch it, avoiding that other cars would hit it or scratch it. They also worked well together, and never had a major collision, and came along peacefully.

After the plague struck, they all worked at home, and their coworkers rarely saw each other. A company party, they are finally together, especially the female colleagues are more lively, laughing and joking, in the party she found a problem, her colleagues in the same office, most people have replaced the new car, she therefore generated a new idea, I want to replace the new car, but then thought that my car is not bad, there is a need to replace it? In the end, she decided to buy a new car.

With the appearance of the new car, her feeling towards her old car changed day by day, slowly fading out of her sight, fading out of her emotions, even if she did not look at it for a week, it does not matter. The car is full of leaves, full of dust, it has lost its luster, it is no longer her partner, it is alone on the roadside. A friend of hers suddenly reminded her one day that you should get rid of your old car, which didn't make sense at first, but then it did. Yes, you should give it a place to live. It's not right for it to be exposed to the elements without anyone caring for it. A friend heard that she was going to dispose of the car, and he came over to take a look at it. They went there and saw that the car was covered in dust and had completely lost its past glory. The car vibrated after starting and stalled within a short time. The car used to be in good condition, but now why is it like this? My friend said that the more you don't use the car, the more likely it is to break down, so you should take care of it as soon as possible!

She had no choice but to donate the car, and after thinking about it, she decided to donate it to Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty because she often watched the programs of Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty, and she thought that the programs had a clear point of view, and they dared to tell the truth, for example, Bo Xilai's accident had been foretold half a year ago, but at that time, no one would have believed it! For example, Bo Xilai's accident was foretold half a year ago, which no one believed at that time, and in the end, Epoch Times was right. In the trade war between China and the United States, it was predicted that China would not be able to defeat the United States, and now China has internal and external difficulties. It's the same with a lot of things. And it's not easy for them to run this media, it's very difficult, they started with nothing, they built it from scratch, so to support them is to support justice.

She gave us a call from the car donation department, and when we arrived at the venue, she was waiting outside. After completing the formalities, she did a simple inspection and treatment, and thought that the car could be driven back to the company. Once the owner heard that the car was to be driven away, the owner immediately objected and insisted that the car must be towed back to the company. Upon hearing this, we finally decided to tow the car back to the company, respecting the wishes of the car owner.

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