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Emergency assistance for traffic accident vehicles

Little rain, lack of water, drought, and fires are just a few of the characteristics of California's climate every year. This year is different, the rain has been especially kind to California.

It has been raining since this morning, although it is not a downpour, we can't do without umbrellas, and the rain didn't stop even at noon. The Donate-a-Ride staff could only summarize the month's situation in the room. At this time, a clear sound of the phone, breaking the calm. I heard the familiar voice of "I want to donate my car" coming from the phone. This voice was like a shot of excitement, making everyone very happy, and they all held their breaths and listened quietly, it was a lady's voice, and it seemed to be a young lady. She said that she had bought her car, a Nissan Versa, in 2011, and had taken it to the garage to have it repaired, which was very costly and seemed to have no value at all. It has been parked in the garage for more than 10 days, and now it costs me more than $500 in parking fees, so I can't leave it there anymore. I decided to donate it to you, please tow it away as soon as possible. In her voice, there was a sense of urgency, helplessness and anticipation.

We asked her for her address, the address of the garage. We asked her if she had a driver's license, and she paused for a moment and said, "I don't think so. She also asked if you have a license, she also said no, so do you have any proof that the car is yours, she thought for a half day, said no. We were very surprised. We told her that the car was of unknown origin. We told her that this car is from an unknown source, we can not take, she heard that we do not want, immediately shouted, why? Why? Didn't you promise to take any car? We waited until she calmed down a little, patiently said I hope you slowly look for a car, if the car is yours, you will certainly find the relevant documents, or else to the DMV, open a certificate, there must be a way. She calmed down a bit after hearing that.

Half an hour later, she called to say that she found a copy of the past license, and said that the owner's license, may be in the car. And agreed to pick up the car tomorrow at 11:00, and asked us to pay 500 yuan on her behalf, and then she gave us, we said we would not do this kind of thing, after half an hour, she called us and said that we have given the garage said that can be towed, and then pay the money. 11 o'clock we towed the car on time to arrive at the garage, the garage simply do not let towing, we called Ms. Chen, she said that can not be rushed to the scene, so I had to tow the car! The trip was a waste of time, and we didn't find the owner's license in the car, but we did find a current driver's license.

The next day, according to her license, we gave her a good car donation procedures and to get her to the car park fee certificate, to her home, she was very excited to say: "the car is her own crash, not someone else's fault. You are so responsible, so kind, give me to solve a piece of heart disease, car crash, repair car has no value, and can not be sold, put there is a burden, you give me to solve this problem, and I can also offset part of the tax, I am not helping you, but you are helping me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We were very pleased to hear that, and said thank you for donating the car to us, I hope to introduce more to your friends about our car donation, she did not hesitate to say sure, never forget you guys, you will always be my friends.

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