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Kirk and Kelly P, Madera, California

We love your  weekly Newspaper! It’s packed with great info and truths! When you do full page graphs connecting events/people/crimes/truths these are very valuable!

You’ve printed articles of truths exposing evil and falsehoods, and then the MSM labeled your reporting as conspiracy or false. Then 6-12 months later your reporting comes out in the MSM as true all along! This has happened so many times!

Donating our car instead of selling it ourselves was an easy decision as a way for us to financially help support the Epoch Times. 

We appreciate your truths, reporting, conservative values, and not backing down to the lying government as you expose their lies and criminality!

We know we need to support entities that support our conservative Christian values and so we support you folks wholeheartedly!

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Here at The Epoch Times, our mission is to bring you a truthful view of the world, free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party. We aim to tell you the truth, not how to think; we strive to deliver you a factual picture of reality that lets you form your own opinions.

Your generous donation to The Epoch Times Northwest will:

  • Support our mission to bring you truthful reporting, free of bias

  • Allow us to bring you traditional journalism you can’t find anywhere else

  • Help us to sustain our media without corporate influence

  • Allow us to bring forth important news other media don’t report

The Epoch Times Northwest is a US 501© (3) nonprofit organization funded by sponsors and individual donations. Donations to The Epoch Times Northwest are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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